Singer and songwriter Kelly Khumalo has opened up about how she was interviewed under “false pretences” for a Senzo Meyiwa documentary series that aired four months ago.

Khumalo claimed representatives from Netflix’s documentary about Meyiwa told her it was for a TV show in the UK. She had to have her attorney Magdalene Moonsamy intervene.

“You can’t take that documentary seriously. Remember they knocked on our door and we declined and we had to have Magdalene involved. You remember they interviewed me under false pretences?” Kelly said, speaking to her publicist.

Her PR manager went to her home because the media were reaching out for comment.

This came after advocate Malesela Teffo, who represents four of the five men accused of murdering Senzo, alleged the singer was the one who mistakenly shot him.

In her video diaries she said the accusation was serious and she understood why her PR team were worried. However, she seemed unbothered

“Are you going to stop every time someone throws stones at you? Because when you do stop they’ll keep throwing stones. But when you don’t stop they will know that whether they throw stones or not, you will keep going,” she added.

Among other things, the singer was mostly unimpressed with Teffo in last week’s episode of Life with Kelly Khumalo. She was reflecting on Teffo’s statement  during the trial in June that an “eyewitness” would testify Kelly allegedly shot Senzo “by mistake”.

Kelly claimed the advocate was using her name for clout.

“That advocate is desperate for attention and he knows every time he mentions my name, he trends.

“It’s really tough. It’s exhausting. It’s emotionally draining,”

Kelly said she found that moment distasteful, because the allegation was untrue.

“This was very disturbing. Extremely disturbing. How desperate can someone be to try to put me in jail for something I did not do?

“I’m a strong person. Very strong. But such accusations hit deep. And they did. As much as I know this is hogwash. Can you be that dirty as a human being?”

Media reached out for comment from Netflix but they had not responded at the time of publication.