South African musicians are taking the world by storm, performing multiple shows across the world. Returning in true Mzansi style, Makhadzi received a warm welcome back.

The MaGear hitmaker travelled to Europe to perform a solo tour, she was in two Canadian cities, Toronto on 16 July, and Ottawa on 23 July, to sing at the Ottawa African Festival.

She then traveled to the United Kingdom (UK), to perform in Birmingham on 30 July, and in London on 5 August.

Makhadzi arrived back home at OR Tambo International Airport this week and didn’t expect to be greeted by adoring fans when she landed.

Posting a video of her arrival, fans can be seen cheering and screaming, as an emotional Makhadzi was brought to tears.

Makhadzi shared how her tour went on her Instagram account, as she posted many touristy pictures and even visited the high commissioner of the South African embassy in Canada, Rieaz Shaik.

Because of the success of the tour, she announced further dates in Australia and Nambia for September and October.

“I would like to thank everyone who pulled up for all my tour shows. It really means a lot. I really loved and enjoy your energy and how you were singing along with [it]. This was my Saturday show in London. It was also one of the [successful] shows,” she said.

Makhadzi also filled up the Birmingham venue and posted videos of the packed venue, with concert-goers singing along to her music.

“Dear GOD thank you for my gift, thank you for taking my music from the street to overseas.”