A Gauteng teacher has been precautionarily removed from Fred Norman Secondary School in Ennerdale after an altercation with a pupil’s grandparent.

This follows a video that went viral on social media on Friday, in which a teacher is heard calling the grandmother of the pupil “trash” and stating that she does “not like coloured people”.

As the altercation between the two women continues, the pupil in the video is seen intervening and warning the teacher not to disrespect her grandmother, after she was referred to as a “greyhead”.

Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona, said an investigation had been launched into the circumstances surrounding this incident and the outcome will be communicated in due course.

He said the teacher was precautionarily removed from the school until further notice.

“Educators must always be exemplary figures at our schools by maintaining a high command of good conduct and teaching our learners with dignity.

“We also implore parents to use appropriate channels to address their grievances rather than resorting to other platforms. Schools are institutions of learning and they should be treated as such,” he said.