These days, she mostly announces and documents her major milestones using her reality show The Unexpected.

In the first season of her show, she announced that she was expecting her second child, Asante, and in the second season, she is getting married. Well, kind of…

DJ Zinhle married
The first episode confirmed one of the worst kept secrets in the entertainment industry as Zinhle and her love, Bongani Mohosana invited cameras into the process of their lobola negotiations.

Episode one of The Unexpected saw cameras document the meeting between the Jiyane and Mohosana families to start the process of Bongani and Zinhle’s union.

Last season, Zinhle was lauded for her stance on marriage after she declared that she did not want it and as perfectly happy without it. And now, she is about to start the long process toward marriage with the lobola negotiations being the first step.

Perhaps television network BET will renew her show for yet another season to document the process of DJ Zinhle getting married as she and Bongani host gift-exchanging ceremonies between their families in addition to the other rites and rituals observed by Zulu families.

After fans finally got to see that the pair are indeed married, Zinhle took to Instagram to confirm their union, calling Bongani her husband on Instagram.

In most cultures that observe the tradition of paying a dowry, a couple is considered already married once the two families come to an agreement, even if a wedding ceremony has not yet taken place.

Earlier this year, Bongani slipped up and posted a picture of DJ Zinhle in the outfit she wore to the lobola negotiations. He also referred to her as his wife and one of his followers screenshotted the image and sent it to gossip blogs.