Mohale Motaung has shared his story about what caused the end of Somhale in a documentary film.
Now Mohale Motaung, former partner of choreographer and Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo, has filled out some of the blanks about what caused a rift between Somizi and TT Mbha.

Mohale pulled no punches after telling Aldrin Sampear, the broadcaster interviewing him in his ‘tell-all’ Showmax documentary, that he never watched the last season of Living the Life with Somizi, the reality show in which Somizi and his family members and friends presented their version of events about what led to the couple, known famously as Somhale, to part ways.

Now he’s telling his version of events after Living The Dream With Somizi Season 5 told Somizi’s version of their breakup, Mohale says.

“You’ve heard what everyone has to say. Now hear my side of the story on Mohale: On the Record,” he said through a Showmax press statement yesterday. In a jaw-dropping 51-minute interview that leaves viewers with more questions than answers, Mohale alleges Somizi physically assaulted him, wanted a three-some and hated the idea of Mohale having a career, instead, wanting his young partner to be a “stay-at-home husband”.

“It’s very interesting because a big reason why Somizi and TT Mbha are not talking is because I lost out on work, because Somizi asked TT to speak to certain people and told them not to hire me,” the former Rockville actor tells Aldrin.“So I chose to confront that situation very boldly because, when I found out how I lost out on a gig, it was very hurtful that my husband and his best friend cooked up a story to make sure that I don’t get that gig,” Mohale alleges.

“So someone who says that they got me opportunities but had a fall-out with his friend, because I addressed something that they did, is very weird for me.”

Aldrin asks Mohale whether he’s referring to the Fergusons, and the model and actor responds in the affirmative, saying, “These are the Fergusons, yes.”

“Which he denies?” asks the interviewer.

“He denied it to the people, but he told me the truth.”

“What did he tell you?” Aldrin probes further.

“He told me that he told TT Mbha to speak to the Fergusons at that time because he was close to them to not hire me.”

Mohale Motaung,somizi,somizi mhongo,mohale

Aldrin Sampear interviews Mohale.

When the interviewer asks Mohale why the thinks that would be one of the reasons leading to the friendship between TT and Somizi ending, Mohale says: “When I decided to confront TT about this, he then had to come clean and tell me who exactly told him to do that.

“Somizi was angry at the fact that TT was not loyal enough to come up with a story to tell me so that I don’t find out that he’s the one who told TT to go to the Fergusons.”

It shocked him, says Mohale, when he heard Somizi claim that he wanted 50% of their joint estate in their divorce.

“The very first letter we sent to Somizi . . . stated thereof that I want my clothing, I want the car which he bashed, I want the money for the wedding which belongs to the both of us. And that was it.”

Mohale Motaung,somizi,somizi mhongo,mohale

Mohale denies asking for 50% after divorce.

It was Somizi in his response letter, says Mohale, who suggested that. “To my surprise, he then goes on to his show to say that I asked for 50% of his assets when I had clearly just stated that I want my clothes, the car that he bashed and the wedding money.”

Mohale also opens up about the leaked audio which was allegedly a private conversation between him and the then executive producer of Living the Dream, Legend Manqele, in which Mohale alleges that he was abused by Somizi.

“The release of these conversations has stripped me of the right I had previously reserved to tell my story when I was ready,” Mohale said in a statement at the time.

Ahead of the premiere of the explosive ‘tell-all’ interview, which became available for streaming on Showmax at 5:00 this morning, Mohale yesterday shared a YouTube video, reacting to some of the things Tweeps had to say about him.

“I wish I could trademark the word ‘gold-digger’, so that every time someone decides to call me gold-digger, at least I make money,” a clearly fed-up Mohale said in the YouTube video.

Mohale and Somizi Mhlongo became the poster couple for gay marriage in South Africa when their SAFTA-nominated 2020 wedding special, Somizi & Mohale: The Union, was labelled the Union of the Year and set a then-record for the most first-day views on Showmax at launch.

Their relationship was also a central focus on Living The Dream With Somizi Season 4, which won the 2020 SAFTA for Best Structured or Docu-Reality Show.

But Somhale wasn’t the fairytale union it seemed. This became clear when the audio of an off-the-record interview with Mohale was leaked in August 2021, including allegations of how Somizi physically abused him.

After reading some tweets that would make anyone flinch, Mohale said, “You know one thing about South Africa: they encourage all victims to speak up but when they do, they still go back and victimise them.”