Another week has come and gone in the Big Brother Mzansi house, and housemates, as well as Mzansi, said their final goodbyes to two more contestants, leaving five other housemates in competition for the grand prize of R2 Million.

During the eviction show which took place on Sunday evening, the country and the other housemates were shocked to find out that Nale had been evicted because she is known to have a huge fan base that has managed to save her each time she has been nominated for eviction.

Viewers took to social media to speculate about how boring Big Brother Mzansi would be now that Nale is no longer a part of the house, and most said that they would only tune into the shows on weekends now just to watch the eviction show.

Other viewers, however, felt that Nale had the most boring personality in the house and that she would eventually be evicted as there are other housemates who deserve to be in the house and win the money more than she did.

The other housemate who was evicted during Sunday night’s eviction show was Venus.

Mzansi took to social media after her eviction to express what a delight it was to have her on their screens and most sent her well wishes for her music career which she will be pursuing now that she has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Throughout the week viewers have been gushing over Thato and Gash1 as they get closer to one another, and work towards building a romantic relationship.

This was one of the main highlights that were shown during the weekly recap.

During the Saturday night party, viewers got the chance to witness the chemistry between the two of them as they danced together, shared giggles and kisses, and had conversations about their future which would involve marriage and three children.